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Why Have An Inspection?


• Are you buying a home?

As Professional Home Inspectors, we will do 4 things during YOUR Home Inspection.

  1. We will inspect the house and find all possible available and visible defects the house may have.

  2. Most important, we will instruct YOU on the house, how it functions and its proper maintenance, so YOU can make an educated purchase.

  3. We will help YOU understand expensive and/or unexpected repairs.

  4. We will deliver a written report before your closing so YOU may negotiate with the Seller.


•Are you building a home?

If you are building a house, as a Professional Home Inspectors and New Construction-certified, we can help YOU throughout the construction process by making sure no corners are cut by the Builder.

RedFish Inspections recommends having a phase inspection that includes:

  • Phase 1 or Foundation Inspection:
    This inspection is performed after footers have been terraced and all metal rebar, beams, tension cables, etc. have been put into place, but before pouring concrete.

  • Phase 2 or Pre-Drywall:
    This inspection is performed to determine that everything in the walls/ceilings will be built and mounted properly, prior to drywall or other interior wall covering installation.

  • Phase 3 or Final Home Inspection:
    This inspection is a complete visual inspection of the house with the Builder present to insure it is finished and all appliances are installed. It should be completed before closing with enough time to accomplish any necessary repairs.


It would be great if you could completely rely on the company building your new Home. Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, it’s not possible. Not necessarily because Builders are “out to get you,” but because as a corporation, they are there to make money, which means sell at a maximum cost and quantity, but build at minimum standard and, therefore, expense.

  1. Abiding by the “Industry Code” can mean they’re meeting standards that are a MINIMUM requirement, not a maximum. Because Builders use sub-contractors to do most of the work, they often go with the cheapest and unqualified labor.

  2. Construction Supervisors are also under pressure to get the jobs done fast and are in charge of multiple construction sites with multiple crews working at the same time. The fact is, it’s impossible to be omnipresent to look over two places (or three or five) and supervise all those people all day long.

  3. City Building inspectors (NOT to be confused with Professional Home Inspectors) are overworked. They have to inspect 20-30 houses a day. To be fair, they don’t do a complete home inspection on all those houses, but to be honest, it’s extremely hard to do quantity and quality work. This is why RedFish Inspections uses a team approach to perform your inspection, so we can have multiple eyes on your house in an efficient and effective manner.


• Are you selling a home?

RedFish Home Inspections wants you to know everything about your house so you can have the upper hand during negotiations.

As Professional Home Inspectors, we will be able to help you the Seller by inspecting your house so:

  • You won’t have any last minute surprises.

  • You have the time to make all necessary and/or wanted repairs.

  • You can add more value to the house once all repairs are made.                                                                                                  

     All these reasons are to help prevent potential lengthy negotiations due to repairs needed before closing and, most importantly, get you more money for your house.

• Are you already an owner?

     For most owners, a house is the biggest investment they will ever make. Why risk anything when you are emotionally and financially attached to your Home?

     A house should be treated with TLC, but, unfortunately, like with a newborn, it does not come with a manual.

      As Professional Home Inspectors, we can help YOU protect your largest investment by showing you if there are necessary repairs or maintenance required and by educating YOU on how your house functions so you may keep your environment safe and healthy and understand potential future repairs that may need to be monitored.

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